Jim King

         songwriter - singer - musician - performer

Jim plays a Moon guitar

Staging requirements
...usually, all I need is a vocal mic;
an instrument mic (banjo);
and a D.I. for the guitar.

I'm available for

(inc. house concerts)
folk clubs
acoustic/roots venues

and workshops.

...are negotiable depending
on the nature of the event.

07710 976 751
Jim King has been singing folk songs since the sixties and writing songs for a good few years. These days he mostly performs his own stuff along with a handful of songs he wishes he had written. He likes to put stories into his songs. Sometimes the stories are sad, sometimes they're angry and sometimes they're fun.

Jim King  is difficult to pigeon-hole and although he would happily accept the soubriquet 'folk singer', his performances are so much more wide ranging than that title can suggest.

Listen to his songs, in here there's a small selection you can hear for free - you can even copy the lyrics - but look out for him at a performance, Jim King is, essentially, a very live act.
Here's Jim's own story...

In The Beginning

Maidenhead, Jewel of the Thames.

This was my birthplace.

About twenty-five miles west of London, the town had been an Edwardian playground. By the time I arrived, in the 1950s, the old place was past its best.

Music didn't feature much in my childhood, apart from Radio Luxembourg and singing in church. But my father taught me to play the comb and paper and jaws harp. He also passed on his love of Blues, mischievous Music Hall and Variety songs, and a hankering to be a cowboy.

Around 1966 I became interested in playing guitar. Dylan, Baez, Donovan and many other 'folk' performers were crowding in on popular music and turning it acoustic. So it wasn't long before I started to seek out pubs and clubs where all this wonderful stuff was happening.

In the optimistic years of the late 60s, I was fortunate to see some of the best contemporary performers of the folk world and these people were a major influence when I later began to make up my own songs.

By the beginning of the 70s I was playing around some of the folk clubs and pubs of the South East and began to learn how to perform and entertain.

I travelled around a bit for the next few years and by '81 I was fronting the Boston Folk Club in Lincolnshire and earned a reputation as a competent and entertaining compére. Held in a beautiful arts centre, throughout the 80s this was a hugely successful operation and a key point in the East Midlands for major touring artists and local amateurs alike. I became involved in a wide range of music based projects through this and I learnt much about 'stage craft' in those few years.

In '85 I moved to Glasgow. A great city that seemed to hold out a welcoming hand to me. I was introduced to the Star Folk Club at Carlton Place and became a regular there for the next few years and - following the club through several changes of venue and management - it became a 'musical home' and a source of some great friendships.

Although living in Scotland all these years may have led to a faint thread of Celtic colouring weaving through some of my music, I remain, among other things, a writer of stories in song covering a wide range of subjects - including sex, religion and politics. I have taken a keen interest in developing song writing, and supported a number of initiatives that have brought the art to greater prominence. I've successfully worked with diverse groups in communities around Glasgow, running workshops and master-classes, and I was a co-founder of 'SongWright' - The Glasgow Festival Of Songwriting.

I've hosted a variety of shows and concerts, and I was a regular stand-in front-man at the Star (New Dawn) Folk Club during the ‘90s in Glasgow.  I like to think I made the Folk/Acoustic Zone at the Glasgow Show my own for several years.

I began a collaboration with Steve Clark from the beginning of 2008 and we performed a few selective shows through to the Spring in 2010. The CD of our live performance at the renowned Star Folk Club in Glasgow was released in April 2009.

I will be recording a new solo album which will be available in Spring 2012.

These days, I divide my tiime between the music and a profession as a Third Sector training consultant/facilitator.

I'm available for concerts (including house concerts), clubs, festivals, workshops.